Dear VAN Admins and users,  

As the June 22 primaries approach, please read this message carefully for some important updates and guidelines. 

Table of Contents

Quick Updates & Guides

  • Sign up here for the upcoming 2021 Train the Trainer (T3) v2 Webinar Training Program
  • Reach out to for VAN support
  • Remember to Commit your MiniVAN Data
  • Quick Access VAN and MiniVAN manuals
  • Phone Appends to VAN
  • Logging in and ActionID Guide

Early Voting and Election Day Poll Sites

  • NYC Early Voting sites will be updated in VAN next week. 
  • You will find a voter’s Early Voting site directly on their profile.


  • You will be able to display Early Voting sites and Polling locations for GOTV efforts in your Virtual Phone Banks (VPB) and OpenVirtual Phone Banks (OpenVPB) under “Contact & Location Information” in the Display Settings of your VPB. You can also include these on your PDF Report Formats. (Must be logged in with ActionID to view the link!)


  • You cannot export Early Voting nor Election Day sites.
  • Early Voting and Election Day sites are not available in Counts and Crosstabs.

Absentee and Early Voting Data Update

  • NYC races, please note that data on absentee ballots requested, mailed, returned, and daily updates on Early Voters will not be updated in VAN’s Early Voting tab in Create A List on a consistent basis due to availability.
  • NYC and NYS Counties, if you acquire lists of Absentee or Early Voting data, please send these to immediately to be uploaded in the correct place -- VAN’s Early Voting Tab (see below).


  • VAN will flag and/or reject mass applications of Absentee/Early voting data to an Activist Code.
  • You will risk losing the ability to link to an Activist Code as well as potentially losing your access.
  • To save you and your team precious time, we strongly advise against Bulk Uploading and linking this data to an Activist Code. Instead, we strongly advise sending your list to or uploading as a saved list instead.

  • If you do not know how to do this, please submit a support request to 


  • All users must comply with our Terms of Service and Export Guidelines, no exceptions.
  • Please review our Export Guidelines here.
    • Please remember that exports for call or walk sheets via an Excel file will not be approved as this is not a safe or best practice.
    • You must state the vendor in writing in the description or use VAN’s native VPB tool and Turf Cutter and always re-enter your data (log in with ActionID to view the link)!
    • Always provide a clear description of usage and include any non-integrating vendors (there may be an integration). You will be asked for clarification.
  • After the election, please remember to re-upload any outstanding data and destroy/delete any hard copies of walk or call packets per the State Party and VAN Terms of Service. We can help this! 

Support Requests

  • Please use VAN’s internal ticketing system or to send VAN or Data support requests.
  • Other inboxes will be checked less frequently for VAN or Data support requests and ticket queues will be checked first.
  • View our General Guidelines for Seeking VAN Support here.

Voter File Update

  • There is a Statewide Voter File currently processing.
  • Please remember that we do not carry out ad-hoc voter file updates, no exceptions.
  • If there is a serious issue, you must submit a support request to and provide as much detail as possible along with any supporting files.
  • There will be no statewide voter file updates two weeks prior to any election.

Voter History Updates

  • Please keep in mind that voter history will not be immediately available in the 1st post-election Voter File update. This may take several weeks.


Requests for training will no longer be accepted from June 1st  through the June 22nd primary election. Please submit a support request to for any urgent questions or issues you have regarding VAN and Data.


Purchasing VAN

  • Please note, that VAN Access processing times currently take 3 to 7 business days.
  • We will not accept new VAN access requests starting June 12th through the Election.