Table of Contents

  • Voter File
  • Support Channels
  • Poll Sites
  • A Reminder on Exports & Entering Your Data
  • Where to Find Absentee & Early Voting Data in VAN
  • Absentee & Early Voter Data in VAN
  • Post Election Vote History
  • ICYMI: VAN Product Updates
  • Training
  • Email Archive

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Voter File

A new Voter File update took place yesterday. Please be sure to check any Saved Static Lists. 

Support Channels

  • VAN ticketing system
  • VAN Help Docs (must be logged in with your ActionID)

General Guidelines for Seeking VAN Support  

Poll Sites 

  • Early Voting and Election Day Poll Sites were updated last week in VAN. 
  • You can view voting information and where to vote on our voting portal at 
  • If you notice any issues, please send a VAN or support request immediately.

Displaying Early Vote and Election Day Poll Sites.

A Reminder on Exports & Entering Your data

  • Please list any vendors utilized by the campaign. Export requests with descriptions that are too vague will be delayed. 
  • No approvals for call or walk lists in excel. If you really need to print your list, you can do so from “My List”. Reenter this data via Grid View.
  • You can export Early Voting and Polling Locations via “Customize Export”.
  • Remember to enter all your data!
  • Remember to Sync and Commit your MiniVAN Data to VAN!

Export Guidelines


Where to find Absentee & Early Voting data

You can find this in VAN’s “Early Voting” tab in “Create A List”. This contains any and all data that is available to us.

How to Search on Absentee and Early Vote Data 

Uploading Absentee & Early Voting Data


  • NYC: Please note that there will be no data available for ballots returned nor Early Voters.
  • Most recent update of available data took place yesterday and today.
  • If you continue to acquire lists of Absentee or Early Voting data, please send these to
  • REMINDER: Do not apply Activist Codes for: Early Voter data or Absentee data - this does not belong to an Activist Code and will be deleted in the future.
  • REMINDER: VAN will flag and/or reject mass applications of Absentee/Early voting data to an Activist Code.
  • Please also note that this also applies to “Bulk Apply” from a list.

Post-Election Vote History

2021 Statewide Primary Election data will not be available immediately in VAN after the election. All counties have 60 days to certify election results and the State Party only conducts statewide updates.

ICYMI: VAN Product Updates

A few improvements were made to the Report Manager to help you use reports more easily.


  • You can now set the Contact History Report to any 14-day range you’d like, instead of the last 30 days
  • Report Manager will default to a new page of your most recent reports.
  • You will be able to open all reports directly from the Sidebar.


  • Auto-Sync will be enabled by default for new MiniVAN Campaigns. Existing Campaigns will not be changed.
  • Remember to Commit your MiniVAN data.


  • The New York State Democratic Party, together with the DNC Best Practices Institute, are launching the 3-week, 6-part Summer 2021 Training Series, Train the Trainer Volume 2 (T3 v.2)! 
  • T3 v.2 trainings are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00-8:00 p.m. ET, from June 22, through July 8.
  • CLICK HERE to submit your registration for the 2021 T3 v.2 Training Program! Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. ET, on Sunday, June 20.

Email Archive

You can view the last email update here. 

Feel free to circulate this email update with your teams. Thank you!