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"Bulk Upload" is the fastest way to upload data to VAN. You can use Bulk Upload to create new records or update existing ones.

How do I upload a list of voters to VAN?

File Requirements

  • Make sure you have prepared your upload file. Your upload file must be a google sheet, .csv, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx.
  • Make sure any IDs are in the first column (VANIDs, State IDs, County IDs).
    • The format for State IDs is 0012345678. 
    • You may have to remove the “NY” and maintain two leading zeros from your source file.
  • Your file should be labeled with column headers 
  • Please note that the file name cannot contain any parentheses

Navigating Bulk Uploads

You can access Bulk Uploads by selecting ‘Bulk Upload Wizard’ from the Sidebar menu in VAN or from the “Load Data” Section on your Main Menu.


You can also access Bulk Uploads by navigating to your Main Menu > Load Data > Run Bulk Uploads. 

Uploading Your Data

  • Once your file is ready to be uploaded, select the correct unique voter ID your source file contains i.e. VANID, County ID or State File ID. This will allow records to automatically be matched to VAN.

  • Make sure that you are selecting the correct IDs, otherwise you will risk applying records to different voters. 
  • Click “Next” 
  • On the following page (see below), the File Source is defaulted to “Direct Upload”. Click the ‘Select A File’ button and upload your .csv, .txt, .xls, or .xlsx file and follow the instructions. 

    Mapping Template: leave “no” checked or check “Saved” if you are a frequent uploader and have created a template.

    File Source: please note, you can opt to upload a Google Sheet by the selecting “Google Sheets” checkbox under “File Source”, above the “Select A File” button.

  • If your file does not have headers, uncheck the headers checkbox.
  • Click “Upload”
  • Next, you will see a screen that will notify you of how many voters were rejected. You can download this list and edit it and attempt to upload it again. 
    • Please note that some records may be rejected because they do not exist on the state voter file in VAN. 
    • Records do not make it from the State Election Authority to NYSDC to VAN due to a technical reason. 
    • The more likely reason: it is a new or updated voter that did not exist at the time of the last voter file update. 
  • On the next page, the “mapping” page, you will need to select “Apply New Mapping”. 
  • Next select “Save as Saved List” > list that is accessible in the chosen folder as well as in the “My Saved List” row of the “Create a New List” page. Once you hit the next button VAN will start processing your bulk upload request. 
  • You can check the progress of your bulk upload in the ‘Administer Bulk Upload Batches’ page.

Mapping Your Data

The data mapping fields available in VAN are slightly different depending on whether you are performing the bulk upload in MyCampaign or MyVoters. Please note that users will not have access to upload phone numbers to VAN. Please send a support ticket via this portal and review our Phone Append Policy here

  • In MyCampaign, you can choose to map any of the fields below back to the voter file.

  • In MyVoters you can choose to map any of the fields below back to the voter file.