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What is Quick Look Up (QLU)?

Quick Look Up (QLU) allows you to quickly see someone’s personal information including their contact information and a quick link to their voter profile for more details, including their voting record.  You might use it to look up someone’s primary voting history or get their contact information for purposes such as canvassing, or voter outreach.

You can find QLU in the sidebar menu on the left side of your screen or in the center of your main dashboard. 

Utilizing Quick Look Up to find a Voter

If you click on a voter's name (displayed in blue), VAN will take you directly to their VAN profiles, which provides a range of information about them (e.g.,  Scores, Party, Voting History, Early Voting, etc.).

If you have a voter's VANID, State Voter ID, or County ID simply input it in the "ID" field of Quick Look Up. If not, use the tips below:

  • When it comes to finding someone in QLU, remember the “less is more” rule - the less information you’re entering in, the more likely you will find the person you are looking for.
    • It is recommend that you use a combination of Last Name, First Name, DOB, Street Address, or Zip - but not all of them. VAN will look for someone who matches with the exact information that you are putting in, so if there is one error, then that person will be filtered out and you will not see them on display. 
    • If you cannot find someone at the first try, try again by entering a different set of information.
    • If you are looking for an unregistered voter, make sure to uncheck Exclude Unregistered Voters at the bottom of the selection box.


Customizing the QLU Display

You can customize any display in VAN by clicking the gearwheel symbol near the top-right corner of your screen.                

  • Once clicked, you will be brought to the Settings page. Here, you can adjust the number of rows of people being displayed - we recommend you max it out to 999 to avoid missing names. 
  • You should also see "Columns in the List (In Order)" and "Columns not in the List." The former is the information currently being shown, the latter is not. You can add, remove, and arrange the columns that show up in QLU by changing the order of the boxes by dragging them to your liking. 
  • Once done, click Save Changes.