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As you make changes to your search, you can click "Preview My Results" to get a preview of how many people will be included without executing the search. You can also expand the count clicking the plus sign to expose number of phones, doors, and mailboxes. Once you have finished "cutting" or "pulling" a list, you will click “Run Search” and VAN will bring you to the “My List” page. From here, you can either further edit your existing search, saving your search as as a Saved Search or Saved List, or utilizing it for a Virtual Phone Bank, Turf Cutting, Printing and more.

Here are some of the most common functions

Edit Search

This allows you to add steps to your search after you have already clicked "Run Search". A list of voters can be filtered by as many criteria as desired. VAN includes built in functionality to Add, Remove, or Narrow your list by any criteria you choose. You can use any combination of these steps to ensure that your list includes only the desired voters or reacts to new data as you input it.

Adding a Step

  • You can create a more complex search by using "Add Step". You can add, remove, narrow, and household results. You can delete steps by clicking the little trash can icon or edit each step by clicking the little pencil icon next to the step title.

  • Beware of double negatives when creating lists!

Save List As

This option gives you the option to save your list as a Saved List (fixed set of people) or a Saved Search (set of criteria that will produce an updated list every time you load it). You will be asked to select or create a Folder to save, and a name and description for your search. You then access your Folders from the Main Menu to find your saved Lists and Searches. Note: It is recommended and more common to use “Saved List”. 


This function allows you to generate a custom PDF document of your list that can be printed and distributed. The tool allows you to select a Report Format and a Script to use, which will determine what information displays, and which data points can be recorded for each voter. It also lets you customize the Sort Order of your list, as well as other display options. Once you have finalized your choices, click Print. This will generate a PDF file, which can be found in “My PDF Files” on VAN's MyVoters Main Menu.


Allows you to generate custom Avery mailing labels for the names on your list.


Allows you to send your list to the Virtual Phone Bank calling tool for paperless phone banking. 


Allows users to generate counts and crosstabs of their list or certain subsets of it. Counts and Crosstabs is an extremely powerful tool for analysis of a given list of voters.

Cut Turf

This tool allows you to divide your turf into geographically cohesive chunks for door-to-door canvassing, and is one of the features most used by candidates, campaigns, and organizers.

Bulk Apply

This allows you to perform bulk actions on your list. For example, bulk applying an Activist Code. (Subject to user permissions).


This allows to copy your entire list to MyCampaign without having to rely on exports and Bulk Uploads but be careful!