Table of Contents

Enabling 2FA

If you already have an ActionID and you need to go  back and enable 2FA, begin by going to and logging in with your new ActionID and selecting between the two options below. 

Additional Protection: TOTP Authenticator Apps

  • For additional protection, we recommend enabling an authenticator app, as they are generally more secure than SMS messages.

  • While we do not provide client support for these apps directly, commonly recommended authenticator apps are Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Duo Mobile, and Microsoft Authenticator.  Please note that they must be TOTP (time-based and one-time password) meaning that the verification codes are temporary and re-generate after a few seconds. 

How to Set Up

  • To enable an authenticator app for your ActionID, begin by downloading the app of your choice. 
  1. Click on 'Add Application' under 'Authenticator App' (when logged into your ActionID profile).
  2. Then open the app and scan the QR code. 
  3. This will prompt a code to appear in the app; enter that code on your computer screen and click 'Enable.' Remember: the next time you log in, you will need to open the app to get the code; you will not receive an SMS message.

Don’t forget to download Your Backup Codes!

  • Especially during GOTV when VAN experiences a higher volume of traffic. Once you've enabled 2FA, click 'View Backup Codes' and either download or print them.