Submitting a VAN Support Request

Users who need help with VAN are strongly encouraged to request help through the “Submit a Support Request” tool in VAN or to submit a ticket via this platform or via

When to submit a VAN Ticket

You should send a VAN ticket when there is an urgent technical issue directly pertaining to VAN's tools. For example, polling Locations, API Key integrations, score loading etc.

Best Practices Tips

  • “Object - deviation”: The “object” specifies what thing or group of things is having a problem, and “deviation” describes the deviation from expected behavior
  • Describe the symptoms of your problem carefully and clearly
  • Describe the environment in which it occurs
  • Include all ID numbers and titles when possible (VANID, Saved List ID , User ID, Survey Question ID, Folder ID, etc.)  
  • Describe what you’ve done to try to understand/diagnose/solve the problem before submitting the ticket.
    • Remember that you have the permissions to impersonate a user for troubleshooting purposes

  • Describe any possibly relevant recent changes in your computer or software configuration
  • If at all possible, provide a way to reproduce the problem in a controlled environment
  • Describe your problem’s symptoms in chronological order
  • Please do not report a bug unless you are certain

Non-troubleshooting Tickets 

  • For general questions or if you have any questions about how something in VAN works, please feel free to reach out to
  • This is where you can access VAN’s new Help Docs