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Please don't hesitate to contact us via this support channel by click "New Support Ticket" above. 

Logging in and ActionID Guide

General Guidelines for Seeking VAN Support

How do I renew my VAN access?

You can renew your VAN contract by re-submitting a response to this form.

Other support questions

For general data questions or to schedule a training session please contact us via this support channel.

How can I obtain NGP VAN's add-on tools?

If you are interested in utilizing NGP VAN’s native add-on tools such as the new VPB Connect, Predictive Dialer or other phone services, please contact phoneservices@ngpvan.com. For any other inquiry regarding NGP VAN’s tools, please contact info@ngpvan.com.

Please note that some tools are not available without a licensed VAN committee such as MiniVAN or MiniVAN Manager.