The term of the Democratic Campaign Export Request shall begin on the Democratic Campaign Agreement Effective Date and terminating the sooner of: (i) the date the State Party Agreement is terminated; (ii) the date the Democratic Campaign drops out of their Democratic election; or (iii) the day after the Democratic Campaign’s primary election unless the Democratic Campaign secures the Democratic nomination for their race, in which case the Export Request period will extend until the date the State Party Agreement is terminated.

State Party Discretion

The New York Democratic Committee reserves the right to approve or deny any export request for any reason. Users who have a history of exporting information with a low to non-existent ratio of information logged back may have their access to VAN temporarily suspended. NYSDC reserves the right to conduct a data audit if there is suspicion of improper use of data.

  1. In New York, 100% of VAN/Votebuilder users must export on approval. 

  1. The State Party reserves the right to approve or deny any export request for any reason.

  1. On and after the date following the date of the current election cycle in the State of New York, all Proprietary ID Data shall remain the property of the NYSDC. Proprietary ID Data shall mean and include candidate and issue preference information with respect to a particular voter record; information with regard to whether a voter has participated in or volunteered for a campaign or party committee, and whether a voter has contributed to a campaign or party committee. 

  1. VAN data is to be used either directly within VAN or through API integrations. When a voter contact vendor does not connect directly to VAN, limited exports may be allowed from VAN on a limited basis and will be approved on a case-by-case basis (usually within 1 business day) at the discretion of the NYSDC. Any such permitted exports must comply with NYSDC terms. Exports of data where the sole purpose is for calling or door-knocking utilizing Excel or Google Sheets will not be approved. You will be asked for clarification on vendors and/or guided to utilize VAN's native tools.

  1. Users should not export "multi-use" or "exploratory" lists for “multi-use". For example, exporting a list for mailer, digital, calling, robocalls, or predictive dialers. Each of these require different types of lists and different types of export formats. If you are using the same list for making calls and for a mail vendor, you could be mistakenly calling a voter who does not want to be called but has no problem receiving mail and vice versa. Exports are for targeted lists.

  1. Repeated exports for the purposes of getting around export limits are not permitted and will result in loss of VAN access and/or other penalties at the discretion of the NYSDC. 

  1. Data exported must be used for the sole purpose of voter contact (i.e. for a mailer). Exported data must be destroyed within 30 days of an export and no copies may be retained. Voter data must be reentered into VAN using the appropriate tools.

  1. Data cannot be exported to be maintained in other systems including but not limited to: AWS servers, Google BigQuery Databases, AirTable, Google Sheets, Excel, or personal databases without the express written approval of the NYSDC.

  1. There will be NO exports approved for data analysis following the date of the current election cycle.

  1. Users may not export data to give to a third party who does not have VAN access and that has not signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement.